Glyn Dillon’s first solo exhibition, curated by URS + LINLEY, is to be held between the 14th-20th May 2020 at NOHO Studios 46 Great Titchfield St. London W1W 7QA

I am a multidisciplinary artist who works predominately as a painter. My practice currently explores the fantasy and reality of transitional spaces, thresholds or ‘Rubicons’. I'm interested in the fundamental transitory nature of reality, identity, and more specifically, exploring the dyadic relationship I had, and continue to have, with my dead brother Steve Dillon. I have re-created certain works of his in an effort to have some form of dialogue with him, to gain an understanding and a feeling of how it might’ve been to create them originally but also to understand what they might mean now.

My brother died in The Walcot Hotel, New York aged just fifty four, the following year I stayed in the same hotel, in the same room he died in. Some of the paintings in ‘Who Am I Now?’ are directly about that experience. I obviously knew he was dead, but a part of me felt if I went to New York and wandered around, visited the bars he liked to frequent, then at some point I’d bump into him. I wasn’t delusional, I knew that wasn’t really possible but a big part of me felt that way. My more attachment based, unconscious, right hemisphere brain was literally still looking for him and I had to go through the rather disappointing process of the hotel room being…. just a hotel room, and not some portal to another dimension.

Glyn Exhibition Image